BOZ Shepherd Dog;The new King?

Akin Tulubas, the name synonymous with the best Life Stock guardian dogs from Turkey.

For a long time the Kangal was King.The Akbash the other Life stock guardian dog from Turkey a notch below.

The Kangal is the National dog breed of Turkey and exports are illegal.

Dogs Arena Ng in the early days ,about 4 years ago probably wrote more about Kangals than any other breed.We have been inactive for too long and this time out two breeds,may three will occupy us.

The Boz Shepherd,probably the new King of LGD (Life Stock guardian) Dog breeds will be one of them.

The Malinois ( Belgian Shepherd) and currently rated the best all round Guard,K9,Personal protection dog breed will be anothet.

The American Pit Bull Terrier may be the third.

However most dog breeds will be spoken about here,as was in the early going.

The sublime Boz shown here courtesy ; Akin Tulubas.35 inches high at the withers,lean muscles,quick and nimble,more so than most of the competition: Spanish Mastiff,Caucasian Shepherd,Central Asian Ovcharko.

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