Prime Doberman Puppies for sale,Port Harcourt,Nigeria,Sire,Dam Imported from South Africa;

We very rarely put up posts about Puppy sales,but from time to time we get these very interesting situations and we are obliged to publish so as to better the Dog World in Nigeria.

As a breed,Doberman Pinschers in Nigeria are very poorly represented.So many that we see lack the Physical traits of top Doberman breeds.

A Prime male Doberman is about 27-28 inches at the withers,taller than any Alsatian,yet wiry though lean,strong,same weight as an Alsatian but sharp,speedy,agile.Great for vast Estates,Great guard dogs.Unique breeds indeed.

To get Prime,quality specimens a tough order.For this reason and because owner of the Sire,Dam and puppies is a very esteemed and trusted gentleman,not a breeder but more a fancier who will not compromise standards for costs,we decided to put up this post.

For pictures of puppies and every other detail readers should please call : Nigeria, 08064473279

As is our practice,we advise that would be buyers get to see physically Sire and Dam to appreciate what they are buying and to guard against any doubts as to quality of what they are getting.

In the picture above,the Sire is the impressive specimen in the middle of the picture,while the Dam is towards the gate.The smaller Doberman juveniles are from the first litter,about 5 Months old in this picture.

Those currently up for sale are a second set of puppies currently 8 weeks old.


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