Okechukwu NWADE: Solutions to Leaking Dig in Pools if leakage is due to pipes after completion of Pool.

One of the greatest worries of dig in Swimming Pools is leakage.

Leakage after the Pool has been completed,all tiles put in place,a neat job supposedly done,Swimming Pool commissioned,ready for use and then slowly the pool water water level begins to drop,faster than can be attributed to evaporation.

Evaporation can reduce Pool water level by up to 1 inch (2.54cm) over a period of just 24 hours during periods of high wind and dry air.Evaporation can over the period of a week create the illusion that a Swimming pool is leaking,especially when evaporation water loss is added to water loss due to back washing.

There is a simple way to check just how much water is lost to evaporation and in actual fact water lost to evaporation generally is not much.To test for level of water lost to evaporation,simply mark water level in Pool.place a container of water on Pool deck close to the pool edge,a plastic container not like a bucket but more like a baby’s bath which has more surface area than a bucket,and similar surface area proportionally to the Pool,then mark also the water level in this plastic.After some time,24-72 hours,check to see the drop in level.Assuming no rain fall during this period,the drop in level should be same in both Pool and Plastic if Pool is not leaking.

If,when a leak is definitely evident,the next challenge is to determine source of leakage.

Leakage could be through Pool cast,due to cast not well cured,water bar not well placed or not placed at all,fake water Proof cement used or cast not well treated before the final Mosaic tiles are laid.

Leakage could be due to the areas around where plastic and concrete meet:- Areas around the Skimmers,Nuzzles,inlet,floor drain,Lights.

Finally leakage could be due to all those pipes which are connected to the Pool.

If leakage is due to pipes,the traditional method is to excavate again all the areas around the pool wall/cast and then trace the offending pipes.

Sometimes the finished work is so well done and so solidly done that this excavation method becomes a painful exercise,especially when it appears more than one set of pipes are leaking or pipes within the cast have cracked or weakened for whatever reasons,in which case the excavation may not even guarantee success.


In this case,a system where by an external cleaning/filtration system is introduced is the best option.

In this case,all water inlets and outlets are blocked,skimmers,nuzzles,all,and an external filtration system is introduced without any excavations or breaking up of Pool surroundings.

Pictured here is an example of such an external filtration system.

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