Dog breeds likely to confront or even attack owners when fully mature-Part 1

A few Months back,another Dogs man “pranked” me almost into organizing a Rottweiler Dog Show in Lagos circa December holiday period of this year.

Thankfully his prank led me to again revisit several myths about Rottweilers and indeed other dog breeds.

We will separate Dog breeds for the purpose of this article:

A. The intelligent guard dogs,used by law enforcement officers and which were never used for blood sports such as hunting,fighting,baiting bulls;

The Alsatian (German Shepherd Dog)

The Malinois

The Doberman

The Rottweiler

B. The tracking breeds used by law enforcement agents;

Blood Hounds

C. The soft (retriever) breeds;

Golden Retreiver

Labrador Retriever

D. Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD)s,Powerful Dogs able to ward off,fight off Wolves,Bears even;

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Central Asian Ovcharko



Spanish Mastiff

E. Fighting Breeds;

American Pit Bull Terrier

Bully Kuta

Fighting Dogs from Iran

Dogo Argentino

Cane Corso



And a few others.

So which Dog breeds areĀ  likely to confront or even attack owners when fully mature?

Some may quickly conclude that the fighting dogs are most likely to confront or even attack owners and news of supposedly American Pit Bull Terriers killing their owners are heard from time to time.

However,any Dog breed,if not properly handled can attack the owner.

Among the k9 breeds listed above,many assume the headstrong Rottweiler or the razor sharp Doberman would be the most likely culprits,but Alsatians with poor genes or badly socialized or mentally disturbed can attack owners.

These are the reasons why any breed of Dog may attack the owner.The blood sport dogs,if well trained and socialized are as reliable as the most gentle Golden Retrievers.

1.Maturity:The more matured a dog,the more it asserts itself.If an owner has failed to put the dog in pack order,confrontations may begin to occur,but luckily at this stage proper retraining can correct.

Some breeds are more culpable than others in this area.The Alsatian is malleable,not head strong and especially when trained will not change in maturity.The Doberman is supposedly headstrong,but it bonds better than a Rottweiler so averagely the Rottweiler will fare worse than the AlsatianĀ  or Doberman.The Cane Corso and the Boerboel are although fighting dogs,generally bond type breeds and will not likely become more difficult in maturity.Nothing is cast and Dogs are as individualistic as they come and there will always be individual differences.

2.Retriever type bite inhibition training:Every Dog naturally knows when to use the mouth for holding like in her puppies or like in retrieving game by Retriever breeds.Teaching this act,helps guide against an owner biting adult.

3.Territory and property protection:-Most matured Dogs will feel uneasy,unhappy if there is trespass of property,space,or if food,toys are forcefully removed.This should not lead to owner attack,but could lead to confrontation.

4.Jealousy:When there are several Dogs,and too much attention is paid to a particular dog,perhaps a younger dog,the more matured,will either tend towards attacking the younger favored dog,at times fatally injuring it or may even attack the owner.


We will continue in Part 2.

Rottweiler Photo Courtesy Sanni Olaonipekun

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