SANNI OLAONIPEKUN : Miniature German Shepherds same as Dwarf German Shepherds?

We know that there are Miniature English Bull Terriers,we have written about them.Not dwarfs,but down sized versions of the original.

Today,courtesy Mr.Sanni Olanipekun we bring you a Miniature Alsatian (German Shepherd dog) and we will explain the basic differences between the Miniature and the Dwarf.

The Dwarf German Shepherd is a small sized German Shepherd due to pituitary gland defects just like dwarf humans.

The miniature German Shepherd on the other hand is a small German Shepherd,smaller due to mixed parentage.Collies,Puddles are the breeds most commonly used to mix with regular German shepherds to achieve this.

Mr.Sanni Olanipekun informed that his,is a product of mixing,although his Vet also suggested dwarfism.

He has a Finnish Spitz as well,mixed too.

From my careful observation I see more Miniature than Dwarf as Dwarfs are prone to health issues including hair loss,leading to baldness all over.

Photo Credit: Sanni Olanipekun.

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