Sizes,Depths of Home Swimming Pools in Nigeria.

We define Home Swimming Pools as :Customized,Dig in Swimming Pools.

This means that all shapes and sizes are Possible,depending on the available space in the home.

Home Swimming Pools and in fact all Swimming Pools except from the Professional (Olympic and Sports type) Swimming pools are essentially for two purposes:- Ambiance and recreation.Thus Swimming Pools in Homes,Hotels,and Resorts are essentially shaped and sized in such a way that maximum benefits are derived,with minimum costs.

Olympic sized Swimming Pools,50 Meters long by 25 Meters wide, with depths of about 1.7 Meters – 2 Meters for Lap Pools, or with depths of up to 6 Meters for diving pools are huge and very expensive structures.

To start with,the surface area of an Olympic sized Pool is 50 Meters by 25 Meters.

Adding a walkway (around the Pool) of about 2 meters either way,results in a surface area of 50+2+2 Meters by 25+2+2 Meters; i.e 54 Meters by 29 meters.A total area of 1,566 Square Meters.This is larger than Two Standard Plots of land in Lagos.In any case an Olympic sized Swimming pool needs much more space for other surrounding structures.

Also the cheapest Olympic size Pool,without extra structures such as diving structure and stands,will cost close to 1 Million United States Dollars or 400+ Million Naira at today’s rates.

So moderation is key.Available space is key.

For Pool shapes,I always advise rectangular,with emphasis on length.Oval,round and other Pool shapes,do not permit a stretch where continuous swimming can be achieved.

For home pool depths,because diving depths will be expensive and unrealistic,(6 meters,even 5 meters is a tough task to achieve in the parts of Lagos State close to Sea level),a lap depth of about 1.7 meters to 2 meters is the maximum advised.

However because this depth of 1.7 meters to 2 meters is enough to drown even adults,utmost care most be taken to make sure that non swimmers are not left alone to drift to the deep ends of home pools.

Ideally a depth of 1 meter shallow, leading to 1.7 meters deep is recommended for home pools.

Depending on space,a length of 10 meters is good as minimum.The corresponding width need not be half of this length in compliance with Olympic shaped Pools where width is always half of length.

A 3 meter to 3.5 meter wide pool,that is 10 meters long,will provide same lap length effect as the 5 meters by 10 meters Pool,while being substantially less expensive.

Pictured here Courtesy   is the 15 Million Pounds Sterling Olympic sized Liverpool Swimming Pool.

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