Swimming Pools in Nigeria,Lagos,Abuja,Others:-Fiber pools or Concrete (Gunite)Dig in Pools?

Fiber glass swimming pools are gradually making their way into Nigeria.

Several companies,with affiliates in Australia,South Africa and USA have come into the swimming pool market in Nigeria.

Presently the economy is at a low ebb,should pick up soon.The will is evident.

For now though most in Nigeria are very careful with expenditure,especially such capital intensive expenditure as swimming pools.

Proponents of Fiber glass pools claim these pools are more reliable than the Gunite pools which are the usual cast,concrete pools.

They argue that concrete pools present such issues as leaking cast or leaking pipe works.

They also point to maintenance and the occasional bloom of algae whereby the pool turns green and needs to be treated or shocked by chlorine to get rid of algae.

We here build both types of pools,we build less expensive than most,and we built both concrete and Fiber glass pools devoid of issues,leakages and the sorts.

For avoidance of doubt,the concrete,gunite pool,also referred to as customized dig in pools are by far the most durable types of pools when built well.

Fiber glass pools have a life span of circa 25 years,while concrete pools like diamonds last for ever.

The caveat is build quality,cast quality,piping quality,fittings quality.All most be done very well,by experienced work men.


Casts must be cured as we have written in an earlier post on intricacies of Swimming pool construction in Nigeria.

For consultations on every stage of swimming pools,for maintenance tips,for repairs please call 08080701363.

Fiber glass pool,photo credit alaglas.com

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