How much would An Olympic Sized swimming Pool cost in Nigeria at today’s prices?

There are two types of Olympic size swimming Pools:

1.The Olympic sized diving Pool.

2.The lap pool.

The Length of a standard Olympic pool is 50 Meters.

The Breadth 25 Meters.

The depth of a Lap type Olympic Swimming Pool is uniform,about 1.6-1.8 Meters through out.

The diving type has a depth of about 1.6Meters-1.8 Meters shallow end and up to 6 Meters depth at the deep end.(Generally a minimum depth of 5 Meters is recommended at the deep/diving end).


The very first Olympic size swimming Pool that some members of the Dogs Arena team swam in was the Pool in the University of Ibadan.

That particular pool,with fantastic spectator seats and a 10 Meter high diving structure was about the only Olympic sized Swimming Pool in that axis,so much so that University of Ife which hosted the NUGA games in 1984 utilized the U.I pool for all Swimming events since Ife lacked such facilities.


The U.I pool,was however a bit deficient in depth.The shallow side was about 1.5 Meters but the deepest end was only 12 feet deep (3.66 Meters deep).

Back to the topic-

At today’s rates,an Olympic sized Swimming Pool,without the fantastic Spectator seats of the U.I pool,but with the diving Board,would require vast resources.

The diving option would on average cost about three times the price of the Lap pool option.

The pumps would be 25 HP,Mammoth sized pumps not available today in Nigeria,requiring imports.Three pumps would be structured in.

A Sand filter of 2,500 Liters capacity would be required,again humongous.

The general analysis for comparison would be that a Diving Olympic size Pool,without a diving structure,is about 75 Times the size of the typical Home pool of 10 Meters by 5 Meters.

The Lap Olympic size Pool is about 25 times the size of a home pool.

Requiring vast quantities of Super structure Materials:-Sand,Cement,Iron rods,Hard Core,Granite Chippings and requiring finishing and Engine room materials that today must be imported usually from Germany,the Diving Olympic sized swimming Pool would today cost circa 500 Million Naira,while the Lap type would cost about 170 Million Naira.

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