For those of us on a budget,the surface swimming Pool is by far the best option.
Easy to install.easy to keep clean,easy to even dismantle in case of a need to move from one apartment to the other.
However,like in all present day products,so many variations have flooded the market and who is who is now difficult to tell.
We have  been into swimming Pools for 25 years.
We have been into construction of dig in swimming pools,leak proof,guaranteed to last almost indefinitely.
We have also been into surface Esther Williams swimming pools.Expensive but very durable.
Presently Fiber Glass swimming pools are said by some to be even better than normal constructed swimming pools since they never leak and do not require maintenance with chemicals.
However they do not last any where as long as dig in swimming pools.
There are perhaps four options for Swimming pools presently:
1.Vinyl or PVC material above ground pools such as Intex brand.
2.Inflatable above ground Pools- such as Intex
3.Esther Williams quality above ground Pools.
4.Fiberglass Swimming pools which have a guaranty of about 25 years,but which cost more than dig in Swimming Pools.
5.The traditional dig in Swimming Pools,customized to client’s shape,dept,size.
Swimming pools can be procured by average income families in Nigeria if they go for the PVC type.
Intex brand is tried and tested.Has been long in use and has several advantages over the several new brands that have flooded the market.
Intex pools cost anywhere from N100,000 for the smaller types,shallow,3 feet deep.
Some like the rectangular large size pools cost a little above 1 Million Naira.
A dig in Pool of 32 feet by 16 feet,52 inches deep,deep end and 36 inches deep shallow end,will today cost about 7 Million Naira.
A fiber glass pool of the same size will cost about 10 Million Naira.
There are several affordable options of these surface pools,especially the circular version.
A 15 feet diameter circular pool,will cost about N200,000 if ordinary frame and N300,000 is ultra metal frame.
This by Nigerian standard is certainly affordable.
Swimming pools shown here-
Rectangular small size-9 feet by 18 feet by 52 inches deep courtesy Madam Kitua.


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