Swimming Pools Nigeria-Repairs of leakages due to poor workmanship-Part 1

Recently,what with new stringent measures in Nigeria,Pool repairs requests now come in much more than requests for building of new dig in swimming Pools.

From water logged areas to firm dry lands,poor workmanship can lead to a headache of great magnitude after Swimming Pools have been built and commissioned.

As part of our efforts to keep educating readers of Dogs Arena and of course naturally hoping than we can with this act get more clients to give us a chance to prove our selves,we bring now a two or Three part series of possible causes of leakages in completed dig in swimming pools and the solutions to these problems.

Leakages can be due to several factors-Poor concrete work,not enough or too much water proof cement in the mix,casting without water bar,plumbing errors including skimmer errors.

The most vexing,most difficult to fix is leakages due to poor concreting.

Here we look at concrete works under the following general sub sections:-

1.Wrong mix ratio of Sand,Cement,Granite,water proof cement.

2.Poor quality Cement,or Poor quality (fake) Water proof cement.

3.Not properly curing the concrete,leading to leakage after completion.

Presently,we mandate our clients to keep a store keeper cum client supervisor with us through out the duration of work.

Presently we also now inform our clients to provide the hard ware materials we need for Pool work.This we do in part to allow the client see where most of the money is going to,and also to make the client rest assured that there is no compromise in quality at the Super structure level.
Again from experience when working outside Lagos,we have come to realize that the client on ground especially a client in the process of building,is already conversant with local suppliers of Sand,Cement,Granite chippings,Hardcore,Stone dust,Iron rods and so money may even be saved when clients supply us these materials.

The Super structure is the pool.This Super structure should be free of any flaws or else much stress is invited.

So from excavation,block work,Iron work,all leading to completion of casting,it is good when a client or his most trusted aid but always best the client,is an integral part of this process.
We explain in details,carry every one along,and see to it that all involved are rest assured before we go to finishing stages.

So back to points 1,2,3 raised above-

1.Wrong mix ratio of Sand,Cement,Granite,water proof cement:-The standard is 1-2-4.
1 (One head pan of Cement,Two head pans of Sharp sand,Four head pans of Granite chippings).

We mentioned the use of Hard core in a previous post.
Hardcore and Stone dust are not always mandatory,depending on soil structure.

One bag of cement is of course Two head pans of Cement-so we use 1 bag of cement(Two head pans),with 4 head pans of Sharp sand and 8 head pans of granite.
Then- Very important,for each bag of cement,depending on type,one small (1 kg) bag of water proof cement is added and the whole mixed thoroughly.
Too little water proof cement is bad,and too much,even a tad too much is also bad as it makes the whole brittle,curing badly.

2.Poor quality Cement,or Poor quality (fake) Water proof cement:- Bad Cement still exists,rare,but still does.Bad or Fake water proof cement also abounds.
Utmost care and dealing only with trusted customers is of necessity.

3.Not properly curing the concrete,leading to leakage after completion.-This final point is perhaps the most important.
Theory does not quite clarify this act,a practical session is necessary.
After adhering to all points in this post and upon casting,proper curing is necessary to ensure that the whole does not crack and leak in future.

Curing for Swimming pool concrete mixes requires patience,knowledge.

Of the the reasons we always state that at least 6-7 weeks be allowed for a dig in Swimming Pool in Nigeria.

No need to hurry,start earlier instead.

For free consultations on customized dig in Swimming Pools in Nigeria,as well as surface Swimming Pools and even Dog swimming Pools,please call Okechukwu Nwade on +2348080701363 (08080701363).

If line is busy or switched off please send a text message and you will be replied in the shortest possible time.

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