Surface(Above Ground) Swimming Pools,Nigeria-A revisit.

When we started with above ground Swimming Pools here in Nigeria,we partnered with none other than the Great Esther Williams.

Our surface Pools then were Aluminum frame,durable,but many thought them expensive.

Esther Williams surface pools still remain the standard to beat.

Google up Esther Williams and see pictures of Surface Swimming Pools like no other.

Presently the most affordable,yet relative durable surface swimming pools now in Nigeria are Intex.

Again proper installation is necessary to bring out the best in these pools.

Proper education is also necessary and this we give at no extra costs.

Pool maintenance,safety etc are very important,life saving matters and we spend time explaining this to all our customers.


So for those who want something temporary but reliable,for those who do not yet want dig in Swimming pools,this is the option.


For all categories of Swimming pools- Construction of dig in Pools,Surface Pools,Spare parts,repairs,restructures,consultations,please call us on 08080701363 (+2348080701363)


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