Swimming pools Nigeria-regular problems in Engine room construction.

We have from time to time written about swimming pools here,as a side interest to Dog Affairs in Nigeria.

Where should a dig in Swimming pool engine room be located ideally?

In our several years of experience in building of customized dig in swimming pools,we sometimes come across problems because of the wrong location of the Swimming pool engine room.

Traditionally,swimming pools engine rooms are sunk deep,close to the swimming pool and set in a rigid cast.

Ordinarily this is good,the deep sinking permitting the Swimming pool drain to work in perfect synchrony  with the pump,and the Sand filter.

However in especially swampy ares or in areas prone to water drain,this otherwise ideal location may actually lead to problems of water getting into the Engine room and affecting the pump/pumps and Sand filter.

An Engine room can be above ground,safe from water intrusion.This is a more modern design and the only problem would be how to install the pumps to get out water from the swimming pool drain which would now be located much lower and perhaps much further away from the outlet.

Said problem is easily remedied with a combination of two water pumps,one to suck out the water and the second to pump up the water to the Sand filter.

For more details,and consultations on the Stages of safe,affordable,customized dig in Swimming construction in any part of Nigeria,please call us on 08080701363.

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