Surface and Prefabricated Swimming Pools(Ready made Swimming Pools) in Nigeria,Lagos,Abuja.

Dig in Pools are relatively expensive.Some seek cheaper options.

There are quite a few types of ready made Swimming Pools that are available in Nigeria,others can be brought in upon demand.

There are:-

1.Inflatable surface swimming pools.- These come in oval,circular and rectangular shapes and may well be the least expensive of the lot.

2.Vinyl surface swimming pools,of which we have written about in the past.These range in price from about N100,000 to above One Million Naira for the larger,rectangular ones,complete with sand filter.

3.Hydrium Poseidon Steel Above Ground Swimming Pools,are stronger than vinyl above ground swimming pools and cost more.

4.Fiber glass ready made pools,are strong,very long lasting,in fact as long lasting as built up,cast rigid dig in pools,and because they are very easy to maintain,are recommended for those who can afford it.

Of the four ready made pools mentioned above,the Fiberglass  swimming pool is the most expensive,more expensive even than built up dig in pools.



Using a hypothetical size of say 32 feet by 16 feet by 52 inches deep,rectangular size,  a vinyl surface swimming pool,such as INTEX, costs about N800,000.Sand filters cost about 1,000 U.S.D so with a sand filter 9necessary due to the larger size of this surface pool,we get a price just above 1 Million Naira.


An inflatable of this size will cost less,while a Fiberglass ready made swimming pool of this size will cost anywhere from  7 Million Naira to 17 Million Naira.

A dig in swimming pool of this size,depending on Mosaic and walk way tile finishing and type of ladders,lights,pumps,sand filter etc will cost about 4 Million Naira.


For in-depth consultations on swimming pools and details please call Okechukwu Nwade on- 08080701363.


    • Thank you for your inquiry,for now only circular Surface pools are available.15 feet/18 feet and 22 feet diameter.Easy frame and Metal frame.Please call 08080701363 for more details.

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