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Mosaic tiles are an integral part of swimming pools,they are used for the inner pool surfaces.

Ceramic Wall tiles are also an integral part not only of swimming pools,but also Kitchens,Toilets,Bathrooms.

Marble,Granite and vitrified floor tiles are necessary as finishing in buildings.

We will try in very simple language to introduce you our readers to the very basic about all these products.

1.CERAMIC/PORCELAIN/VITRIFIED FLOOR AND WALL TILES- We will start with these.These are man made.These are essentially compacted mud,topped up with permanent colors.

All will lose their colors in time as the colors wear off due to human traffic.However the rate of wearing off varies considerably.For the Ceramic tiles,rate of wearing off is highest,but can still last up to 50 years with careful traffic.There are wall tiles,meant only for walls and mostly ceramic.Porcelain Tiles are tougher more expensive tiles for floors,same as Vitrified tiles.Vitrified tiles may come either as glazed(shiny) or unglazed.

2.MARBLE AND GRANITE are naturally occurring rocks.Most of the Marble we have in Nigeria come from Italy.Granites in Nigeria however come from several countries-Italy,Spain,Brazil,India and China.

The Italian granites are most expensive because of the superior methods used in cutting them out and polishing them.

SLABS are large pieces of Marble and Granite used for stair cases,Table tops,walls,and are more expensive than the TILES which come in smaller sizes of about 30cm by 30cm//30cm by 60cm// 50cm by 60cm//and rarely up to 90 cm by 90cm.

3,MOSAIC TILES are those tiny tiles,man made also,used for swimming pools and walls of buildings.

A long time ago,ceramic Mosaic tiles were used for the outer walls of many buildings in Urban Lagos,so that there would be no need for regular paintings.

Today we have more of glass Mosaic tiles from China.

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