Swimming Pools,Lagos/Abuja/Nigeria-All sizes/depths of surface Pools.

For now we have left the Arena of Dogs for a short while to dwell on Swimming Pools in Nigeria.

Dogs Arena Nigeria team are good with Dogs,all breeds,Dog trainings,sourcing for puppies for our numerous readers.But we also build Swimming pools- customized,dig in pools built to owners specifications of: Shape,length,breadth and depth.

We have also now reached agreements with our overseas partner to assemble surface swimming pools of all sizes and depths.

Before now,the biggest surface swimming pool available in Nigeria was the 16 feet (Breadth) by 32 feet (Length) by 52 inches deep surface pool.This translates in Meters/Cm to- 4.88 M (Breadth) by 9.76M (Length) by 1.32 M depth.

Today we can assemble on order an Olympic sized surface swimming pool. i.e 50M (Length) by 25M (Breadth) by 1.8M depth.

The standard Olympic swimming pool is the dimension as stated above.Depth is about 1.8M for pools used for swimming races.

For Olympic swimming pools that will also incorporate diving,the diving (deepest) end must be at least 5M (5 Meters) to guard against any accident during diving events.Some even opt for 6M deep pools.but one atmosphere of pressure is well below 5M,SO A 5m pools is safe even for straight dives from as high as 10M or more.

Thus,we here can upon order provide surface pools of either Rectangular shapes like the Olympic Swimming pool,or Circular or even Oval shapes of any dimension.You dream it up and we will tailor make it and get it installed in your premises.


An Olympic size Swimming pool is about the size of two standard plots in Nigeria- (A standard plot is about 648 square meters-670 Square meters),while an Olympic swimming pool is 50 M X 25 M,= 1250 Square Meters,so it is much too large for any home,but any size you want we will provide for you.

Important to note is that depth of surface  pools should ideally never get to 5M,as this will be much too high,unstable.We therefore recommend a maximum depth of about 1.8 M,although up to 3M can be constructed by special request.

Important to note too that straight diving is NOT recommend for any shallow pool to guard against serious spinal and head injuries.a 1.8M pool is accepted for “flat” diving-(The sort swimmers perform at the start of races),but the same 1.8M pool is not deep enough for direct dives.As stated above,a 5Meter deep pool is just minimally right for any type of diving.

For more questions please call us on +2348080701363 (08080701363).

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