Dogs Sales/Wanted Breeds (Week 44)

We apologize for being more or less incommunicado the past few days.
We could not take any calls as we were mostly on the road Thursday,Friday and Sunday this past week.
We have however replied all your text messages and your emails today.

We continue to urge you all to send text messages to -08080701363 or e-mails to any of the two addresses below-

We reiterate that mails and SMS are the best ways to communicate with us in the first instance.
After these mails,we can then firm up discussions via telephone and inspections subsequently.

Available Prime Puppies:-

1.American Pit Bull Terriers-Standard Prime Puppies.
Imported and Nigerian Bred.

2.Cane Corso puppies-Standard Prime Puppies-Imported/Nigerian Bred.
Please note- A pure,Prime Cane Corso has a head and facial view that is among the most regal in the dog world,especially the males.
When cropped,the looks are second to none!

3.Alsatian,(GSD) puppies-Standard Prime Puppies-Imported/Nigerian Bred.

4.Caucasian Shepherds-Standard Prime Puppies-Imported/Nigerian Bred.

5.Prime Box head,solid Rottweiler puppies.

6.A few Doberman puppies,Extremely good quality,Sire 27.5 inches,best quality.Dam 26.5 inches,puppies exceptionally impressive,great paws,gait.Six weeks old.

We also have many of the regular breeds.


Imports:-[Same as last week’s list]

-Akbash Puppies,Wolf killers,magnificent guard and protection dogs,will cost about 1,500 Euros to Nigeria,Abuja or Lagos Airports.
Akbash are very close to Kangals in capabilities but are white in color.

-Kangal Puppies- N500,000- N600,000 (Details of costs and procedure in Kangal Posts on this site)

-East European Shepherd dogs (Larger,stronger,more resilient Alsatian cousins)-
Total envisaged costs to Nigeria about 1,300 Euros equivalent.
They are relatively rare and puppy bookings have to be done in advance.

We may commence on Malinois,Rhodesian and Thai Ridgebacks and Spanish Mastiffs puppies soon based on orders/demand.

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