Doberman puppies for sale in Nigeria-[Pedigree,imported from different top bloodlines]

This article is not a sales advert,and we will write about several breeds in this series.

This article is instead about the appreciation or lack of it of the Doberman breed,and the reaction to adverts of Doberman puppies.
We have not abandoned the Dog reliability series,several breeds have not been included in that on going series and so we will go back later to the series.

Back to Doberman dogs:-

Whenever you see a Prime Doberman adult,especially a male for size and presence,better with cropped standing ears,cropped by good vets and ears held up right by tapes to ensure that they stand,the impression mostly is that of seeing a most underestimated but otherwise top level dog breed.

There are chapters upon chapters on the Doberman as a breed.

There are chapters of every stage of the Doberman development from ear cropping,style of cropping,tail docking,ideal looks and temperament of the Doberman,training methods for the breed,best time to start training,etc.

However in Nigeria our findings is that this breed as at today does not get the attention it rightly deserves.

We have written quite a few articles about the Doberman.
We have also in the past searched for the best quality Doberman adults and puppies in Nigeria and the few excellent ones we saw were mostly those imported by discerning fanciers.

One or two were second generation,i.e Sire or Dam imported,and these were also great looking,mostly because they had dotting owners who fed,exercised and trained them properly.

The vast majority were glorified mongrel or hound look alike dogs with the Doberman coat color.Why would this be so?

For one thing we suspect that because prime Doberman imported puppies are expensive,and because many here do not look impressive,Nigerians have slowly started loosing the feel for the Doberman.

Sad really because it need not be so.

We Nigerians most times choose the path of least efforts.In automobiles,a slight complication and we run from a World Class brand.

Many Nigerians have concluded that the Greats-Mercedes,BMW,Audi,Jaguar,Porsche are now complicated and so Toyota,Honda,Mitsubishi,Nissan are sought after,while even Mazda,another good Japanese car is somewhat avoided as also being complicated.
From Korea Kia and Hyundai are also embraced.

The Japanese and Korean are good,but nothing beats a BMW or Audi or Mercedes or even the VW in road composure.
A little patience and reading the owners manual will solve more than half of the problems associated with the above named German cars.

Affordable fairly used or expensive brand new,all can be maintained without much cost if questions are asked,much information gathered and the reward is a drive like none.

Same here with the Doberman.

Many have concluded that the breed may be complicated,many have seen the not so good looking specimen and have lost interest in the breed.

In the world of Dogs,it is near impossible to push any one to love a particular breed of dog,so we are not trying to lobby for the Doberman.
Instead we are stating an obvious fact long forgotten,or rather long discarded.

Among all watch,guard,protection,attack dog breeds,the Doberman may be the most versatile in the world-Surprisingly deceptively strong,evidently very agile and fast,mean when necessary,brave and bold.

The love for this great breed can be revived if very good looking specimen abound,properly cropped for maximum looks effects and docked as well to complete the picture.

If we are able to get serious demands,we will be very glad to bring in exceptionally good looking Doberman puppies.

We will give a choice of several good bloodlines from different countries-U.S.A,Canada,Germany,Belgium,Holland,Austria,Switzerland to get in a very broad bloodline of puppies to ensure that the next generations of Doberman puppies in Nigeria will be excellent.

All interested orders should please send text messages to 08080701363 and we will get back to you to firm things up.
Pictures of Sires and Dams will be given,direct contact of owners of the Sires/Dams/Puppies will also be given in this case so that interested Nigerians can negotiate prices themselves and get their relatives in any of these countries to check out the puppies,make videos,take pictures and finally buy and ship for them if need be.

Our interest here is not profit,has never been profit even for the KANGAL, AKBASH or EAST EUROPEAN SHEPHERD,but to see a revival of some of the breeds such as the Doberman in Nigeria,and the successful introduction and acceptance of the others such as the Kangal,Akbash,East European,Malinois in Nigeria.

The Malinois would logically be the next breed in this series,and we will reveal quite a few odd facts about this breed.

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